We all enjoy the consumption of fresh cherries on a hot summer day; it has a low fat content and high fiber content; and if you accept plant treatments, know that chronic goiter is very much controlled by eating cherries and also like An evacuation and repair agent works in the urinary tract and the digestive tract, and it eliminates the stones and is recommended for proper use for people with diabetes and arthritis, because it is a fruit that Starch is low and sugar is not harmful to diabetics. (Of course, it is also emphasized that if it is taken as recommended by a dietitian).

Discover the amazing properties of cherry

1-Antioxidant properties                                   2- Set the sleep cycle of the body
3- Anti-inflammatory properties                   4. Effective alternative to painkillers
5 calories low                                                      6-Anticancer Features
7. Detoxification


Name Of Product  Packing  TYPE SIZE Weight of packing  Keep At °C Origin Country
CHERRY CNT /Plastic Box TAKDANEH CLASS A 1kg ,3kg ,5 kg 3  °C IRAN