Different types of fruits are produced in our country, and since all of them have the necessary and high quality standards, they are exported to different countries on a large scale. The climate diversity and the richness of soil and mineral elements in different parts of Iran have made our country able to produce and cultivate different types of plants and fruit trees, and even in each geographic region, it is possible to choose between different options for cultivation and production, selection There were several.

In northern Iran, there are complete facilities and expertise necessary for the production of kiwifruit, and this has been started on a massive scale since about 20 years ago, and now much of the production of kiwi is produced in northern Iran.

Strong demand for Iranian kiwifruit last season spurred on increased plantings, which has resulted in more production in Iran this season. The ban on European goods in Russia has also encouraged increased demand for fruit there, which has opened up more opportunities for Iran’s kiwifruit exporters.
India, the United Arab Emirates and Eastern European countries are the top markets destination for Iranian kiwifruit. This year, with a ban on European goods in Russia, the Russian market has increased in prominence for Iranian exporters.

Kiwi Hayward Export is one of the most successful export cases and it is packed in packaging in large weights that meet the required standards.In this place, Kiwis are well placed and classified in plastic boxes and cartons.


Name Of Product  Packing  TYPE SIZE Weight of packing  Keep At °C Origin Country
KIWI  CNT /Plastic Box CLASS A 70 grams to up  3kg ,5 Kg ,10Kg  0 to 1  °C IRAN
KIWI  CNT /Plastic Box CLASS A 100 grams to up  3kg ,5 Kg ,10Kg  0 to 1  °C IRAN