Yellow lemon is sometimes green and is by far the most desirable fruit of an evergreen tree that is originally found in Asia; the whole fruit, with its pulp, its cream, its skin and its taste, is used for cooking as well as non-cooking purposes. It takes the sour lemon

Lemon juice is often used for lemonade and other lemonade drinks whose flavors and flavors are undeniable. When discussing the nutritional value of lemon, lemon juice contains 6% of citric acid that is sour taste and contains vitamins C, calcium, folate, vitamins b5, b3, b1 and b2, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium Zinc, as well as sugar, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fat and protein, is why lemon is considered as a miraculous fruit; let’s look at the benefits of eating lemon for skin, hair and health in this part of the damp health.



Name Of Product  Packing  TYPE SIZE Weight of packing  Keep At °C Origin Country
LEMON CNT /Plastic Box Sangi CLASS A 3kg ,5 Kg ,8Kg  13 to 14  °C IRAN
LEMON CNT /Plastic Box Shirazi CLASS A 3kg ,5 Kg ,8Kg  13 to 14  °C IRAN