Bell  Pepper Properties

Beautiful and eye-catching colors, different types, hearty and juicy flavors … Fortunately, Bell pepper is a vegetable that has many fans. But there are people who, for whatever reason, deprive themselves of the taste and properties of this nutrient. If you know what it’s like to do with this pepper, you’ll be sure to use it more than before.

Bell peppers are rich in B vitamins, such as thiamine, riboflavin and B6, which are vitamins that convert food into energy. Pepper is also a plant rich in fiber, protein and iron.

Bell peppers, in addition to being rich in vitamins and beneficial compounds that prevent the occurrence of various diseases, give a good and delicious taste to the foods.

Bell peppers is one of the most nutritious greens because of its abundant intermediate water. Despite the fact that green bell peppers is most commonly known among most people, red, orange and yellow pigmentation has many properties. In terms of taste, green bell pepper is slightly bitter, and the yellow, orange and red peppers are sweeter and look more like fruits. Bell peppers is not a bitter plant, because the capsiaicin, which gives a tasty taste in pepper, is very small in this pepper.

During pregnancy, it is recommended that you eat eighty-five milligrams of vitamin C daily, so eating vitamin C is essential in a balanced diet at regular intervals. The sweet pepper is a vegetable that contains plenty of vitamins. Therefore, during pregnancy, Highly recommended.