Pomegranate is one of the most pleasant fruits and colors of the fall and winter season, which, in comparison with other fruits of this season, has more antioxidants to increase the immunity, resistance and protection of the body against diseases, germs and viruses.

Sweet pomegranate can also be found in cases such as: colds, sexual enhancement, bowel augmentation, stomach uplift, lung augmentation, allergy, blood in the urine, poisoning, ascites, ear pain, stomach inflammation, ascorbate, eye irritation, bleeding Uterus, itching of the skin, gingival strengthening, blood purification, anemia, dysentery, vomiting and appetite

Type of  Pomegranate

Pomegranate Khafr  Shiraz

The pomegranates are white and sweet. It’s a little cheaper than the rest, because their blood seems to be redder than this one! But the pomegranate has more white matter: omega-3, omega-6 and more food, and it’s more expensive in the European countries than its red seed.

Pomegranate Saveh

Pomegranate is known as Saveh. Maybe for 3 reasons; sweets, thin skin and long lasting.

Pomegranate Firoozkooh

The pomegranate is grainy and juicy; the skin is peeled against the impact and has a slight burst. Its sweetness is sweet and sour, it has a high shelf life and is the best kind of pomegranate for those with blood pressure or blood pressure.

Pomegranate Qom

It is late pomegranate and coarse grains, with a touch of flavor and thin skin that feels less on it.
But the most important feature is that it is resistant to most pests, especially the vaginal cream, which makes it long lasting.

Anar Ferdows Khorasan

It does not look too much, but instead of 16.6% sugar, 2% more – that is, 18.6% – has good sugar.
The “phenolic” material of this pomegranate is also so much that it can heal the liver poisoning, but perhaps most importantly, it’s lasting; it keeps Ferdows pomegranate safe for up to 3 months.


Name Of Product  Packing  TYPE SIZE GROSS WEIGHT Keep At °C Origin Country
Pomegranate CNT/Plastic Box CLASS A 9 , 12 ,15 ,22 3 Kg , 5 Kg , 7 Kg ,  3  to 5 °C IRAN