Watermelon helps to dilute the blood and it is suitable for people with high blood pressure. Also, because it is suitable for moderate adjustment, people who have a high level of gallstone production in their stomachs and liver are more likely to use this fruit.
A whole and unplaced watermelon can be kept in the refrigerator for a week before it is used. Remember to carry it with caution to prevent watermelon crushing and crushing.

Never hold watermelon at temperatures below 4 ° C (40 ° F), as this can cause frostbite and damage to watermelon.

The watermelon should be heavier than its size, which is a sign of being watery, good and ripe. Try to compare the weight of the watermelon to the size of the same watermelon, whichever is the heaviest, is ripe. This recommendation is also applicable to most fruits and vegetables.


Name Of Product  Packing  TYPE SIZE GROSS WEIGHT Keep At °C Origin Country
WATERMELON Plastic Box CLASS A 4 , 6  16 kg , 30kG 12 TO 17 °C IRAN