White beans are one of those invigorating vegetables packed with nutrients that make them a worthwhile ingredient. Their subtle taste is ideal for stews.

White kidney beans, like all dried legumes, are among the most protein-rich plant-based foods. What’s more, they contain no fat. These two characteristics provide major health benefits, contributing to a balanced, low-cost diet!

They also contain:

iron,calcium And, because they’re rich in potassium and low in sodium, they have natural diuretic qualities.

  • a source of vitamin B9 (for cellular renewal, particularly important for pregnant women for fetal development, for growing children, and for convalescents).
  • a source of potassium (for the nervous system, muscular function, and blood pressure)
  • a source of magnesium (for fatigue reduction, energy, protein synthesis, muscular contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and bone and teeth health)
  • a source of fiber (bowel movement regulation, satiety)

Packing in a plastic bag and weighing 50 kg.