Almond is known from ancient times as one of the most popular cousins among Egyptians and Hindus.

The scientific name of Almond is Prunus dulcis. Hindus believe that almonds can increase brain capacity, intellectual ability and longevity.

Researchers have discovered the miraculous properties of almond in various studies. Almond is a good source of energy for the body, which is useful for heart health, skin well being, proper digestive function, blood glucose control, bone strength, immune booster, obesity prevention, and overweight and brain health. Humans and Trusts in Iranian and Islamic Traditional Medicine have spoken of the numerous properties of almonds and various prescriptions have been issued on the basis of this edible food.

Reducing cholesterol is one of the coolest health benefits of almonds.
Studies have shown that almonds, as snacks, can reduce hunger and eating habits per day, thus reducing calories consumed throughout the day.

Almonds are generally divided into two types, the type of which they are sweet almonds, and the other type, which is the product of whichalmonds are bitter. The sweet season is divided into several types: white almond – mamani almonds – almonds Monagha – Stone Almond – Rabie almond – bitter almonds

White Almond

This kind of almond is very early flowering and has a white, crisp, delicious, and dull white brain, so it is very attractive among the customers and it is highly valued in the market.
This type of almond is most often nuts in raw form. It is also used for the preparation of various kinds of pastries and pastries.

Mamani  Almond

This almond tree is long-lasting and resistant to pests and diseases, and its product has a good shelf life and has a high export value due to its use in the food industry. Major products of this type
Almonds in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province are exported to India by traders.
Uses: This type of almond is used more as crude and peanut nuts. In addition, it is used as a powder in the food industry. It is also used in the pharmaceutical and sanitary industry due to its high fat content.

Almond Monagha

This kind of almond has a sweet, delicious, delicious, sweet, delicious flavor. It has a bright brown color and thin skin and is easily broken.

Stone Almond

This almond tree is resistant to dehydration and special for planting in rain forests.
Uses: This type of almond is more than raw and roasted nuts. In addition, it has a high value in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Almond Rabe

This almond tree is resistant to pests and frostbite.
Uses: This kind of almonds is served as raw and roasted nuts. It is also used for the preparation of various types of sweets.

Bitter Almond

The tree of this type of almond is used for co-existence with pests and diseases as the base of other types of sweet almonds.
Uses: This type of almond is widely used for spraying to eliminate other tree pests and the pharmaceutical industry. And also in some cities, according to an old tradition, this almond is sweetened by a special order. Then it is roasted and used as nuts, which has a very tasty flavor.


Name Of Product 



Quantity in 100 grams

Weight of packing 

Keep At °C

Origin Country

Almound  CNT 5A 80-90 10 Kg 2 to 5 °C IRAN
Almound  CNT 4A 90-100 10 Kg 2 to 5 °C IRAN
Almound  CNT 3A 100-105 10 Kg 2 to 5 °C IRAN
Almound  CNT 2A 110-115 10 Kg 2 to 5 °C IRAN
Almound  CNT A 120-125 10 Kg 2 to 5 °C IRAN
Almound  CNT ES 130-135 10 Kg 2 to 5 °C IRAN