Melon is a delicious fruit that has countless properties. The term melon is referred to as many different plants of the cocorrebicac family.

By removing niacin, vitamin A, B6, C, potassium and high water capacity, it has become an excellent urine.


Many species of melon have been identified


Garmak  is one of the most popular fruits of the summer season even in the rest of the world and is very popular for its flavor and aroma.

Garmak belongs to the family of cucumbers and squash.

Garmak is like melon and looks like melon for food and medicine, with the difference that it comes before melon and it is more delicate and easier to digest.

It is a tropical fruit of the summer season.




Its skin is bright like a canary bird. It’s a big blue and bright yellow.
Its shape is thick with white or green meat. Its taste is clearly sweet, it is a common fruit for snacks or desserts.






Apollo Moon

Another tasty type of Melon is called Apollo.

Apollo is almost like the Moonlong gold mining, but the difference is known from the surface of their skins.The Apollo Moon is a striking design and brighter in color.

The taste of this type of melon is also sweet, fresh, and textured without fiber.

The water content of the apollo is abundant. Therefore, this type of melon is also the most common type of melon.






Autumn sweet melon

Another type of delicious melon is the autumn sweet melon.
The sweet mildew is quite round and weighs up to 1.3 kilograms. The skin is melon of autumn, sweet yellow is golden and its meat is white. The taste of this kind of sweet melon and its juicy and crispy texture.




Jade Dove

Well, here are some other types of delicious melons called Jade Dove.
The Jade Doo Moon is round and weighs up to 2 kg. The skin of the Jade Dove skin is semi-highlighted and its greenish color is white. The Jade Dao Mint is yellowish and its taste is sweet and its texture is crisp.
Another useful aspect of Jade Doo Mellon is that this type of melon is resistant to various viruses and herbal diseases.
Jade Doo Mellon is usually cultivated in the mountains.



Golden jewelry

The surface of the skin is a pale yellow mint and its color is yellow. Melon golden golden orange is bright and its taste is sweet. Melon is golden jewelry, crisp and juicy.
Melong skin is a fairly thick golden gemstone, and because of the thickness of the skin, this type of melon can be kept for some time.
Therefore, Melon is a gold jewel, especially for fruit exporters.




Mashhad melon

Mashhad melon is one of the melon species that is planted in most cities of Khorasan province. This product is the most important type of melon that is cultivated and has a lot of fans. It is a summer fruit with countless properties.

Melon is considered to be an anti-inflammatory substance, so if a person has a surface burn on his body he can use it. To do this, you must squeeze the melon meat and place it in the form of an ointment and an ointment on the skin’s superficial skin burns, it quickly cures the condition. This magical fruit is also used to treat fleas and facials. In order to take advantage of this, you must squeeze the melon meat and put it on the face like a mask.



Name Of Product  Packing  TYPE Quantity of Packing  Weight of packing  Keep At °C Origin Country
SWEET MELON  Plastic Box CLASS A 4 to 5 10 kg  to 14 kg  5 to7 °C IRAN
JANA MELON  Plastic Box CLASS A 4 to 5 10 kg  to 14 kg  5 to7 °C IRAN
MSHHADI MELON  Plastic Box CLASS A 4 to 5 10 kg  to 14 kg  5 to7 °C IRAN