cabbage destroys many infections and diseases, and even an appropriate balm for ulcers. When you are drinking cabbage or cabbage, or you’re doing it for ulcers, you have served your health as naturally as possible. Cabbage confronts constipation, stomach ulcer, arthritis, bronchitis, cancer, etc.

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and iron and produces more red blood cells. So it can cope with anemia.

All cabbages are good for curing cancer. The cabbage contains “bioflavonoids”, “indoles” and “monoterpenes”. These chemical elements are able to cope with tumors and protect our bodies from the damage of free radicals. Further research results show that cabbage is very useful for the treatment of lung and gastrointestinal cancers.



White cabbage is the most common and most common type of cabbage, and like many other vegetables in this family, in addition to its high nutritional value, it has many therapeutic benefits due to its essential and essential vitamins. In fact, the properties of white cabbage for health are largely due to the high content of antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and nutrients containing sulfur. White cabbage contains lutein and zoxanthine, which is very useful for the health of the eyes, and it is very useful for liver health; while white cabbage also has a lowering of blood sugar and blood pressure and is one of the best for diabetics and cardiovascular patients. Food is considered. Stay tuned for more about the white celery properties.



Red Cabbage

In the world of fruits and vegetables, red is health. Because it indicates the presence of important antioxidants in the oral cavity. We know that the antioxidants that kill free radicals are the main cause of a variety of cancers.

Therefore, eating red snacks prevents cancer. One of these important antioxidants is lycopene.

This antioxidant mites in red foods like red cabbage, tomatoes, red pepper, strawberries, watermelons and other reds!